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As I'm working in a Hotel, many people are asking me always the same things:

Where is the Ferrari Store in Rome? Here:

It's selling all articles of brand merchandising and many other things.

The address is 

Via Tomacelli 147/152


Where are the Zara Stores in Rome?

There were actually two of them. Now they have become three. One is inside the Galleria Alberto Sordi, in front of Piazza Colonna, aka the site of the italian Government. The second one is just the next block and the last one, going further down towards Piazza del Popolo.

The addresses are:

Via del Corso 129, 135  and

Via del Corso 189


The Hard Rock Café?

The Hard Rock Café Rome is located nearby the Embassy of the United States, just in front of it.

The address is Via Vittorio Veneto 62, Tel. 06 4203051

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