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News from Rome: if you want to get married, I'm now connected to a wedding planner. I found two very experienced and young guys organising weddings, speaking english and even russian.

Those two guys are on the spot since a couple of years and had best critics by all of their customers. So, as they are experienced people and don't offer just a precompiled package, but tailor made services, get in touch with them. The guys are: Alessia and Alex, first witness for what it takes to get married...she's italian, he's russian, different countries, different tongues, different religions. As you see, it was hard for them, too, but they made it and worked it out. Trust them, they are there for you.

Want to meet those two pro's? There we go:

ale e ale

They are filled up with locations, legal assistance and paperwork cleaners, catering services, florists, restaurants, limousines and so on. They will tell you, what to do, when to do it and how. Ask them for some ideas and, perhaps, a quotation for your wedding.

Get in touch with them, filling out the form for an approach.

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Prefered car, special needs, church or civil ceremony and any other request

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