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Where do you have a beautiful view all over Rome?

It seems obvious that the place must be high, elevated...but not every hill out of the seven is the right place. At least, none of them is...except one: the Aventino. That's the hill beside the Great Circus, alias the Circus Maximus. From there you have one of the great views over Rome. There's even the site of the "Keyhole", just beside the Orange Garden...

Keyhole Orange Garden










Then, there is the Gianicolo, the hill over Trastevere, where there is a monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi, the person who united Italy a couple of centuries ago. There is a cannon blast every day at noon. This hill is not part of the seven hills of Rome. It was, as you already know, "trans tiberim", Trastevere, aka: on the other side of the river Tiber. Only poor people could live outside the settlement...














Obviously a high bell tower of a church would make the job, too. Such as the dome of St. Peter's of the Vatican. The only of the sites you will have to pay for. It's available in a sidewalk of the Basilica, and it costs:

€ 5,00 adults walking all the 551 steps

€ 7,00 adults taking the elevator to half height, then another 320 steps

€ 3,00 scholar groups with headed list of participants


October 1st to March 31th    08:00AM - 05:00PM

April 1st to September 30th  08:00AM - 06:00PM



Other views will soon be posted...

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