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How many theaters are there in Rome? Good question and the answer is dozens. There are major and smaller ones in every part of the town. Established, seasonal, outside the town, in public parks...anything you might need and prefer. Want more?

It's exactly: 

Rome:         77 theaters

Ostia:            4 theaters

Fiumicino:      1 theater

Tivoli:            1 theater

Many times, when people is coming down to the reception, they are asking me like "Is there a Theater in Rome?" or..."What are they showing this night in the theaters?" My answer is usually "I sincerely don't know it...there are too many theaters and too many shows. What would you like to see? Unfortunately the theater is a genre, that is made of people for people, it lives of dialogues and circumstances...don't even try to have it in English or other languages, as long as it's not an ethnic show..."

Anyway, there is a solution: operas and Belcanto are available in many places, even churches, like San Paolo entro le Mura, which is close to the hotel I'm working in, as the Opera House is.

Teatro Opera

As you see on the map, there are other theaters indicated, and the red dot is the location of the church San Paolo Dentro le Mura. It's usually a place where there are sessions of Belcanto and the most famous Arias of various operas. 

As the offer is really too large to be represented here, I'm posting THIS LINK to "Teatro di Roma", which is a site on the theaters of Rome, including all of the seasons and all of the programs of all the theaters of Rome. It's available in English. or, at least, a part of it, as 99% of shows is in Italian.

Offer is huge and it's easier to have an idea of what you would like to see before searching for "what they are showing tonight..."

Here are another couple of links to find what you are looking for:

Teatri di Roma



Notti da Leon

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