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In Rome there are two stadiums that are regularly used for several activities.

The major one is the "Stadio Olimpico", which is located here:


 This is the location, but it's not that easy to reach. There is a bus, Number 30, leaving from the Underground station "Ottaviano" (line B, the red one), the direction is "Tor di Quinto". From there it's a 25 minutes trip.

Else, you could get to the underground station "Flaminio" (line B, red one) and from there a tramway which is Number 2 until the last stop, which is on this side of the river but you will see the stadium on the opposite side and it's a 15 minutes walk.


Just some impressions to follow...






















This is the place where the soccer matches are disputed.

By the way there are two soccer teams actually playing in the "A"-series of the italian soccer league.

It's AS Roma

AS Roma











and SS Lazio


Lazio team









Unfortunately, the stadiums are not visitable to the public, so don't lose your time getting there during your stay if there is no match.


Let's get to the second: the Stadio Flaminio. This one is located here:


This one is easier to reach, just get to the underground station "Flaminio" on the red line, line "A", and from there tramway number 2 for about 10 stops. 

Even here some impressions following...
















Flaminio ground













This stadium is mostly used for the international Rugby matches like the 6 Nations Trophy.

Italia Rugby

Team Italia






Rugby is not exactly our national favourite sport but there is an official Rugby team and there's interest growing in the italian citizenship.

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