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Via Condotti

There are some specific areas where to have a shopping session. Inside the city center most probably you won't find malls...they are all located outside the city limits. So you have a couple of areas to seek...the  first of them is Via del Corso, the central street of the city center with any kind of shops and boutiques you might need. Half way you will cross Via dei Condotti, which is leading you to Piazza di Spagna and the most expensive stores in Rome, the most famous brands of Couture and Jewelry like Fendi, Bulgari, Armani and many others.

Cola di Rienzo


Second area to do shopping might be the area around Piazza Cavour, Via Cola di Rienzo, which is located nearby the Vatican.





Via tuscolanaLast area, which is even the most extended and distant one, is Via Appia and Via Tuscolana, starting around the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano (there is even a kind of market right here in Via Sannio) and ending about Cinecittà (and here is the first, small, mall called Cinecittà 2).


If you are searching for outlets and malls, you will have to get further...

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