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Rome is a fantastic town, where there is life on and under the ground. Several associations are caring about discovering and offering visits to catacombs, hidden places, antique pipelines, recently discovered artworks and so on.

There are some of them to mention:

Roma Sotterranea and Amici di Roma

Those two are associations who offer guided tours but not every day. There are activities available for associated as well as for the public but all of them have to be reserved, so get info on that on their sites. Soon I will get there personally and report the visits I've done with some photos and, perhaps, videos.




gallicanoAnother kind of information is given by the following ones:

Acqualazio and Tesori intorno a Roma.

The first site gives you some more info on the pipelines in Rome, anciently aqueducts, the second will show you the opportunity to visit some of the external waterlines still working!








And yet some more:


Do you know or do you want to know about the ancient cult of Mithras? Well, there are still some places to visit, for example under the church of Santa Prisca, under the basilica of San Clemente and many others...keep looking by and there will soon be some more on this!!!!




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