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Hello folks, every day people is asking me about SIM cards for their cellphones, to be used only for their stay in Rome. Well I added this info on the "SIM cards"-page, and it's briefly:

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Pope Francis I proclaimed recently a new Jubilee. It will be indicted on december 8th 2015 and closed on november 20th 2016.


A new moment of faith and an event that will attract hundreds of thousands, most probably millions of chistians and tourists to the eternal city. The last Jubillee happened at the egde of the ending Millennium, in the year 2000.

It's about passing the four sacred doors for having indulgence:



Now on this site: youtube video streaming. A couple of very interesting documentaries and guides regarding Roman History an Roman Life are available under the "Specials" menu. Enjoy them and let me know, if you would like to see some other items, post your videos or audio tracks...whatever might be interesting for you. 

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What a moment in time...AD 1960...the Olympic Games in Rome and its surroundings. It was a great event. Nowadays the president of the council, as the head of government is called in Italy, Matteo Renzi advanced and applied Rome as official candidate for the Olympic Games in 2024. Actually we have an enormous trouble with corruption and the latest scandal about embezzlement of public funds in the Roman township made a real point. So, most probably it was not a good moment for having a perspective of another couple of millions of Euros lost in space and time, looking out for an event that's very expensive. Lately every single town that was site of the Olympic Games made bad economy thinking of gaining throughout tourism and induction. In fact, unfortunately, budget planning went bad and balance even worse after the game's conclusion. Matteo Renzi said, it would be resignation NOT candidating Rome for this event just because of some nasty guys...well, Rome has bunch of debts and scandals...budgets and balances are not positive...it seems just an operation of prestige...

On the other hand, former lord mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, had an idea about a Formula 1 city circuit, like Monaco, then a Solar Powered Car Race...the Olympic Games may be something more realistic than that. But who will go around for fund raising? Perhaps those days are simply gone...:

openingvenice square

gold medal  





Back in time, that was 1955, the first underground train from the central station "Termini" is leaving, opening the age of underground transportation in Rome. 60 years after, there are 2 main lines, "A" and "B". Recently, two years ago, an extension was opened, line "B1", from Piazzale Jonio to Piazza Bologna, which are a total of 5 stations. It's mostly a line for the citizens of Rome, as it is positioned in an area, which is not interesting for tourists.

Even the new line, which is called line "C", will not be very interesting to use, as it is leading in a suburban zone. Nevertheless, it is crossing an area, where there are some interesting Hotels. So, this could mean a rising business for them and the possibility for you to get a cheaper Hotel with a good link to the city center.

Inauguration was delayed for 3 years and a half after building started in 2007. Another delay happened last month, when regular service was stopped because of software malfunction, even before starting. According to establishment, service shall start next week...well, let's see.

Although this new line is very important to roman people, the last - and most important stations - are still not available and the might not be for the next future. The line should connect to line "B" at the Colosseum but there is still funds lacking...so there will be a temporary alternative, which is bus number 451, taking people from the last opened station to another underground station, probably "Ponte Mammolo", second last station of line "B" on the northern branch.

This is the scheme of the line:


As you can see, the green points are the completed track, which should be working next week. The red points shall be operating in between the month of December 2014 but still under construction, so let's stay behind the hedge. The really urgent station is the yellow one, "Fori Imperiali", aka the Colosseum, which means link to the existing underground web. Without those last stations (red and yellow) the new line is almost worthless as it begins and ends outside the city center. So far for roman organising. This is a real pity as the new trains are up to date, an entirely remote controlled system without driver (even if the whole underground web is remotely controlled but there are drivers on each train for emergencies and manual overriding).

The brand new trains are good looking but poorly creative as colors are simply boring...anyway it's not the color but the train to ride you home.

new trains


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