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meetingHow marvelous can it be organizing a meeting or a conference in Rome? Well, there are plenty of spaces and areas in Rome, where to locate them.

In and outside Rome there are around 1200 Hotels and at least 30% of them have adapted and dedicated areas. I personally worked in some of them, I was even part of the opening team of one. So I can recommend it without any problem. Furthermore there is a congress center in the area called E.U.R., one nearby the main train station, several areas in public spaces like the train station itself or "Eataly" and many villas around Rome. The ambient of choice is huge and depends only on your budget. Even the Hotel where I am actually working in has a small meeting room for about 30 people...

I'll give you some advise for a couple of them but for a precise offer I suggest contacting an agency or a tour operator as long as you don't want to contact the locations by yourselves. This is not exactly the purpose of this site, so I'm not messing with this.

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