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Want to get married in Rome?

There are dozens of sites, villas, gardens, public and private places, churches and chapels. The most important thing is to first legalize everything in your country, because the italian church and/or the public Marriageoffice will ask you for that. In italian it's called "nulla osta", but your embassy will give you better explanation, which I cannot...too many countries and too many rules to describe.

Anyway I will try to post some places, caterings, restaurants, chapels, churches and, eventually, some wedding planners to lend you a hand.

So turn back now and then for having news about that.

Wish you all the luck and happiness ever for your decision.

By the way: who ever saw the movie "When in Rome", this magical fountain you see there doesn't exist, It was only made up for the movie...so, unfortunately you can't have a photo shooting in front of it. It seems a mix between the fountain of the 4 rivers (Fontana dei 4 fiumi) located on the Navona square, the fountain on the square piazza Sant'Eustachio, behind the senate's building and the Tritone fountain on the square piazza Barberini.

So don't even search for THIS fountain:

The fountain of wishes














Romance apart, there are some things you should know before planning a marriage in Rome. First thing is: paperwork. Is your country officially recognized by the italian state? Have the two countries a treaty regarding the recognition of the marriage? is there reciprocity?

Then: will the marriage be celebrated by an official civilian? By a minister of the catholic religion? By a minister of another religious cult?

There are bunch of laws and rules to follow. Obviously it is not impossible. An official statistical research reports that in 2012 at least 5610 marriages between two foreign people have been celebrated in Italy and the trend is growing.

So, be trustful, everything is possible.If you need more information on paperwork, contact your embassy or your consulate in Italy, they will tell you which documentation is needed for proceeding.

Otherwise, if you want to get it shorter, contact our wedding planners!!! They will sort it out for you.

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