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Coming to Rome means being here for leisure or for business. As a matter of fact I'm working in a 4 star hotel in the city center and collaborating with a relocation company established in Milan. Therefore I knew many people searching appartments, things to do and people to help them setting up or simply getting things done.

A part of this work is accompanying people and translating as not everybody here speaks English and not everybody coming here speaks Italian. Nevertheless you must relate to and rely on people on the spot and, if you are not able to understand them, you must find somebody to do it for you. 

This is the topic of those sectors of my site: finding people who can understand and translate for you, assisting you during one or more days, being a kind of temporary personal assistant and secretary or secretair.

In the same way they can be the person who welcomes you at the airport, escorts you to your hotel or any kind of accomodation in Rome, helping you to settle or simply get some focus or orientation on this town. There we go:

           I need an assistant                                                        I need a translator

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